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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Hot water booster: Solar water system
  • Hot water booster: Secondary boosting of electrical water heater
  • Hot water circulation: Closed circuit circulation for snow melting.
  • Household booster: Auxiliary boosting for shower and tank-less toilet
  • Setting for machinery equipment: Dishwasher
  • Setting for machinery: Shampoo sink
  • Setting for machinery: Water heater
  • Setting for machinery: Jet bath


  • Direct installation to the city water main is possible by Japan water works association certification (only in Japan). Clean water delivery without reservoir.
  • Compact & Space-saving: Installable in anywhere with small and light weight super slim package unit. (when comparing to conventional models [NF2-150S], vol: 31% and mass: 40%)
  • The lowest class operation noise in industry.
  • High efficiency & Energy-saving: We realized high pump efficiency with state-of-arts design of 105% compare to conventional models . VFD control brings further energy-saving.
  • Constant discharge pressure control: The first products in industry which has constant discharge pressure controlled by VFD.
  • Clean & maintenance-free: Rust less by using high quality stainless steel and PPS, and seal-less structure brings no leakage, sanitary, and less maintenance work.

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Water supply with constant discharge pressure with Valuable Frequency Drive
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor & Outdoor (Ambient temperature: -10~40°C, Humidity: 90%RH or less)
Fluid quality: Clean water
Fluid temperature: [0~40°C (No freezing)
Pump: Canned type seal-less pump
Casing: Stainless cast steel (304)
Impeller: PPS
Shaft: Aluminum ceramics
Type: DC Brash less motor
Rated output: Rated output: 150W (120 W for hot water)
Protection type: Protection: Electric thermal, Instantaneous over current protection
Suction condition
Suction condition: Exclusive for Inflow operation
Maximum back pressure
Maximum back pressure: 0.01~0.49MPa
Power source
Power source: Single phase

Standard Accessories

Electric parts box

Flow switch

Pressure sensor

Accumulator: 0.1L

Cover: Resin

Power cable: 2m

Temperature sensor

Others: Earth wire, male and female socket, cushion, clump

Optional Accessories