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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Continuing to meet new challenges

The roles and loads expected of pumps continue to increase with advancements in industry and culture.
Since our establishment in 1919, we have always strived to improve pump research and development, and level of technology in an attempt to be the leader in each era.
With company mottos of "trust first", "quality-orientated", and a "strong sense of responsibility" based on a spirit of "F.V.I.", it is the desire of each and every one of KAWAMOTO PUMP's employees to contribute to society through the production of pumps which help bring improvements to industrial development and peoples' lives.

President Satoru Takatsu

To provide high quality goods is the most important mission of us,
for improving affluence of society.

We are committed to faithful work to meet customer’s trust.

We think that the greater responsibility to be taken,
the more grow in value of work.

Pioneering a new future with an F.V.I. spirit

Frontier spirit

This F.V.I. spirit has been the very driving force that has
continued to help KAWAMOTO PUMP lead the industry.

Corporate Identity

1. Contributing to society through supplying the products which serve to industry innovation and enhancement of living,
    with mottos of "Trust first", "Quality oriented", "Strong responsibility".
2. Always striving to develop new arts and to improve quality with F.V.I. spirit,
    and manufacturing the products match to clients's needs.
3. Looking toward the leading company in industry througn the development of human resources.
4. Being the company growth up with all employee endeavoring self-improvement.