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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the legislative purpose of the "Personal Information Protection Law", Kawamoto Pump Mfg.Co.,Ltd. strives to educate and enlighten the protection of the following personal information in order to handle personal information.
KAWAMOTO always acts and fill the appropreate management role for protection of the personal information as the company contributing to the society through producing and selling the pump and apparatuses concerned.

1. Handling on collection, use and supply of personal information

On the collection of personal information, KAWAMOTO makes the purpose clear and performs it after having obtained consent of owners of personal information. In addition, on use or contribution of the information, KAWAMOTO handles the information appropriately.

2. Respect for the rights of owners of personal information

According to the conventional wisdom and custom, KAWAMOTO copes immediately with request or inquiry such as information disclosure or the correction from the owners of personal information.

3. Proper management of personal information

Personal information is managed strictly, against unauthrised access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage, and KAWAMOTO will take preventive safety measures and strive for appropreate management.

4. Complaiance with laws and regulations concerning personal information

KAWAMOTO will comply with laws and other norms concerning protection of personal information.

5. Review of personal information protection regulations

In order to continue to properly protect personal information, KAWAMOTO will review the personal information protection rules as necessary. KAWAMOTO will strive to maintain and revise it.

6. Handling about personal information

KAWAMOTO will use the information jointly that was learned through dealings between group companies and affiliates in order to respond the customer's needs quickly and accurately.

Reference about the personal information
Personal information consultation window :
Kawamoto Pump Mfg.Co.,Ltd. General Affairs Dept. Tel.No. : +81 52-251-7171