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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Relay tank for sewage and sump in individual residence, condominium, hospital, factory.


  • Installable in anywhere due to deodrization equipped in all models and large volume.
  • Easy installation and it contribute to shrink construction period, due to combined all necessary parts as relay tank and low total tank head.
  • Pump type is selectable from for Dirty sump, Sewage, and miscellaneous sump applications.
  • 2 types of products with pedestal support: TAZP2 type (with resin pedestal support) and TAZS2 type (with stainless pedestal support), and 1 type direct pitting type: TAZE2 type (direct putting type).
  • Tank is made of FRP, and pipes are made of resin, so free from worry of corrosion.
  • Less malfunction float switch due to smooth inflow by adopting back flow structure.
  • Automatic alternate & automatic parallel operation are available without control panel, in case L and LN type are installed in combination. When water level will increase abnormal level, they will automatically operate parallel, and in the case of one pum
  • Less clogging unique developed sewage check valve due to adopting ball type valve body.

Standard spec

Type of relay tank
Flange coupling type, Auto coupling type:
Tank capacity (L)
300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000:
Material of relay tank
Handling liquid
Waste water and sewage water, miscellaneous sump, liquid temperature 0~40°C:
Depth of bury
within total height of tank +300mm:
Inflow pipe
φ100 made of resin (back flow prevention structure):
Discharge pipe (2 lines in Alternate operation model)
φ50 made of resin (1.5kW or more: φ65):
Cable conduit
φ40 made of resin:
Dia. of manhole
300L: φ450, 400~1500: φ600, 2000,3000: 1000×800:
Components (equip 2 sets each exclude manhole and body in alternate operation model)
Bronze made check valve for sewage, Resin made interior pipe, Pedestal support (Auto coupling type only), Guide pipe (Auto coupling type only), Manhole hatch, Manhole frame, Rope (10m x 2 pcs: TAZP2 type only), 4m Steel chain (TAZS2 type only):
Air pipe
φ40 made of resin:

Standard Accessories

Manhole cover

Resin inner pipe

Check valve for sump

Pedestal support: TAZS and TAZP series only

Guide rail: TAZS and TAZP series only

Optional Accessories

Riser spacer