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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Automatic water supply from reservoir and shallow well
  • Pump up from reservoir
  • Booster from elevated tank
  • Lift up from shallow well
  • Other general water supply


  • Changeable operation mode. Switching of discharge pressure is possible by setting Eco (E) mode and Strong (S) mode. (NFK type and Alternate/Parallel operation type cannot set at S mode.)
  • By optimally controlling the pump speed according to the changes in used water rate with the inverter, constant pressure water supply is possible without affection from the underground water level. (Operation head is not constant in S mode. constant estim
  • Energy saving drive. Silent and highly energy-saving operation is possible due to adoption of low sound inverter, high efficiency motor, and improved pump efficiency.
  • Sanitary stainless. Cast stainless steel are adopted for major parts, so durable and sanitary.
  • Fulfilling protective functions. Anti-freezing function that has forcibly operate pump in cold temperature without ceramic heater is equipped as well as overload and restraint protection.
  • Standard built in noise filter and reactor suppress noise and harmonics.
  • Compact and light weight By compact design, it realizes smaller and lighter than the previous. (1 rank downsizing at motor output compared to previous model: 400W)
  • Soft start. Starting current is reduced by inverter control. Soft start reduces the negative impact on the power source such as voltage drop, etc.
  • Unified dual frequency specification. It is available either in 50Hz and 60Hz, and either in suction lift up and inflow use by switching the fine sensor setting.
  • BL approved model is also available.
  • in 750W type, high pressure model (NFK type) is also available.

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Constant discharge pressure by frequency control *constant estimated terminal pressure is also available with alternate, alternate&parallel model. (Operation head is not constant in S mode.
Operation method
Operation method: Single, Alternate, Alternate&Parallel
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor / Outdoor (altitude: 1,000m or less)
Application liquid
Application liquid: Clean water 0~40°C (no freezing)
Pump (material)
Pump (material): Stainless cascade pump (Casing: stainless cast steel (304), Shaft: SUS304 (portion contacting liquid), Impeller: bronze)
Motor: Kawamoto PM motor (TEFC INDOOR) 4 poles
Suction condition
Suction condition: -8m total suction head (-6m in alternate, and alternate&parallel model) ~ 5m inflow
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Paint color (Munsell No.): Accumulator: gray (10Y5.5/0.5), Cover: baby blue (single operation model), cream (alternate or alternate&parallel operation model) [resin], base: black [resin]

Standard Accessories

Electric parts: (ECSN type control panel in alternate, or alternate&parallel operation model)

Flow switch: *all-in-one fine sensor integrating pressure sensor and flow switch

Pressure sensor: (pressure transmitter in alternate or alternate&parallel model) *all-in-one fine sensor integrating pressure sensor and flow switch

Accumulator: (PTB3-01 type)

Cover: (Resin)

Power cable: (2m in single operation model)

Others: Companion flange, base, and earth rod

Optional Accessories

Sand filter
Male and female elbow
Accumulator (20L with connecting pipe)
DMS2 or 3 type control unit (exclude 400S2 and 750S2 model)