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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Cooling water
  • Agriculture
  • Setting for machinery equipment
  • General water supply


  • Self-priming pump construction does not require foot valve and makes priming works easier.
  • Plenty of products line from low to high head, with high efficiency & high performance.
  • Long-life product with superior suction performance and durability.

Standard spec

Application liquid
Fluid quality: Clean water (pH5.8~8.6)
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C (No freezing)
Impeller: Bronze
Shaft: SUS304 or SUS403, CS-C: SUS316 (portion contacting liquid)
Casing: Cast iron
Type: CS-C in 0.1~0.4KW and Single phase: ODP, CS-C: TEFC outdoor
Power source: Single phase or Three phase
Speed: CS-C, CHS 50Hz: 3,000 min-1, 60Hz: 3,600 min-1, CS2 50Hz: 1,500 min-1, 60Hz: 1,800 min-1
Efficiency: Premium efficiency (IE3) in 0.75kW or more
Installation location
Impeller: Cascade
Shaft sealing: Mechanical seal
Bearing: Closed ball bearing
Flange figure
Exclusive flange with valve seat (Suc.), Exclusive flange (Dis. in CS-C, CS2), JIS10K standard type (Dis. in CHS)
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Gray (2.5PB5.1/0.8)

Standard Accessories

Motor: CS-C: ODP


Coupling: CS-C doesn't require it as common shaft structure

Strainer: Resin

Companion flange: 1 set (with packing, bolts)

Coupling cover: Excluding CS-C series

Protection switch: CS-C series only

Optional Accessories

Check valve
Sluice valve
Sand filter
Pressure gauge
Compound gage
Vibration proof bed