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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Sewer relay
  • Drainage for agricultural colony
  • Relay tank to sewer main and sewage treatment facility


  • The ability to pass foreign objects is 100% of the bore size (it can discharge spherical solids with a diameter which equals to the bore size).
  • The closed-type, high-efficiency, non-clog impeller (patent pending) and our original casing structure provide high pumping performance with high efficiency.
  • Combination of a Pre-rotation tank and a pump with bell mouth allows suction up to low residual water level, while discharging suspended particles and suppressing scum and bad smell.
  • Control panel for manhole pumps and necessary parts are also available as special accessories.

Standard spec

Application liquid
Fluid quality: Dirty and Sewage water (Hydrogen ion concentration pH5~9)
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C
Impeller: Stainless cast steel (304)
Shaft: SUS420J2
Casing: Cast iron 200
Type: Dry-sealed motor (auto-cut built in)
Power source: Three phase
Speed: 50Hz: 1,500 min-1, 60Hz: 1,800 min-1
Max. submersing depth
Max. submersing depth: 8m
Impeller: Non-clog
Shaft sealing: Double mechanical seal (Liquid side: SiC x SiC, Motor side: Ceramic x Carbon)
Seal oil: Turbine oil
Bearing: Closed ball bearing
Flange figure
JIS 10K standard type
Ability to pass foreign objects
100% of the bore (sphere diameter in mm)

Standard Accessories

Pump body: with 10m 4 cores submersible cable

Connecting pipe: Pump body attachment

Pedestal support: 1 set of supports

stainless steel chain: 4m

Optional Accessories

Water level gage
Check valve for sump
Float switch
Ball valve
Pre rotation tank
Control panel