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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Submersible (drainage)


From left
1st: Manual type (Floor mount)
2nd: Automatic type
3rd: Automatic alternate type
4th: Manual type (Pedestal support type)


  • Sewage drainage of office building, commercial building, hotel, school, hospital, factory, and etc.
  • Kitchen drainage
  • Other drainage of sewage


  • Unique shape of impeller and casing, and the ceramic-coated cutter piece help maintain long service life with excellent performance.
  • In order to exert the cutter performance effectively, we adopt our unique inlet shape and adopt a casing structure to bring out excellent pumping performance.
  • 4 pole exclusive submersible motor has high torque and durability.
  • Built in auto-cut prevents motor from burn.
  • Two types available: flange type and pedestal support type for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Built-in automatic type ("L") and automatic alternative type ("LN") with float switch are available.
  • Protection circuit for electric parts is equipped on the models with float switches.

Standard spec

Application liquid
Fluid quality: Sump and sewage (Hydrogen ion concentration pH5~9)
Fluid temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Impeller: Ductile cast iron 450 (induction hardening)
Cutter piece: SKD11(Steel for cold die)
Shaft: SUS420J2
Casing: Cast iron
Type: Dry-sealed motor (auto-cut built in)
Power source: Three phase
Speed: 50Hz: 1,500 min-1, 60Hz: 1,800 min-1
Max. submersing depth
Impeller: Vortex type (with cutter)
Shaft sealing: Double mechanical seal (liquid side: SiC x SiC, motor side: ceramic x carbon)
Seal oil: Turbine oil
Bearing: Closed ball bearing
Automatic alternate model *alternate/parallel operation is possible by using automatic type.
Scarlet (5R3/12)

Standard Accessories

Flange type: Pump body(with 10m 4 core submersible cable)

Flange type: Connecting bend pipe(Bolts for attaching pump body with companion flange)

Pedestal support type: Pump body(with 10m 4 core submersible cable)

Pedestal support type: Connecting pipe(Bolt for attaching pump)

Pedestal support type: Pedestal support(One set support with companion flange)

Pedestal support type: Chain(4m)

Optional Accessories

Control panel
EBA type full water level alarm control panel
EFS type trouble detector for drainage pump
Check valve for sump
Float switch