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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Small regional drinking water
  • Other general water supply


  • Clean water supply with stainless: Rust-less stainless steel adopted to Pump, motor and pipes in automatic operation unit provides clean water for long time.
  • Energy saving: Optimally controlling the pump speed according to the changes in working water rate with the VFD realize water supply with keen energy saving.
  • Maximum twice capacity: Compare to Jet pump, water capacity becomes to twice in maximum.
  • Conformable water supply with constant pressure: Supplied water pressure is always stable with constant pressure control by VFD without being affected by fluctuations in the well water level. Also, when installing in a shallow well, pressure reducing valv
  • Tough against sand: Adopting Stainless steel, Abrasion resistant resin, Rubber, and SiC bearings brings toughness to sand under sever usage situation. Moreover, equipped Dry-run protection enhance robustness.
  • Lightning resistant: High reliability to lightning due to twice surge resistance compare to our conventional model. In addition to that, quiet operation sound because of under water installation.
  • Soft start: VFD controlled soft start give less impact to power source (sudden start causes voltage drop), and well (sudden start swings pump).

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Water supply with constant discharge pressure with inverter.
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor / Outdoor (pump: under water)
Application liquid
Application liquid: Clean water 0~25°C (No freezing) (sand contents 50mg/L or less)
Pump: USE type deep well submersible pump (exclusive for 60Hz three phase UFE type submersible pump)
Impeller: Resin
Shaft: SUS304
Suction casing: Stainless cast steel (304)
Discharge casing: Stainless cast steel (304)
Stage casing: SUS304 + Resin
Motor: Canned type submersible motor
Power source
Power source: Single phase

Standard Accessories

Deep well submersible pump: For 100mm well

Submersible cable: 300W: 0.9[[mm2]]x35m, 450W: 0.9[[mm2]]x45m

Rope for hanging: 300W: 34m, 450W: 44m

Vinyl tape: For fixing submersible cable

Automatic operation unit: 2m power cable

well cover: for 100mm well

Others: Earth rod & clamp

Optional Accessories

Lid seat
Noise filter