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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Drainage for rain water and sump
  • Shallow pit drainage


  • Suction up to the low water level (35mm) makes depth of pit possible to shallower, thus construction labor is easier.
  • Easy maintenance pump and float switch with strainer.
  • Control panel equips Earth leakage breaker.
  • Closed impeller made of Bronze provides excellent pumping performance without startup failures from rusted impellers.
  • Adopting safe, long life, & high torque exclusive submersible motor with built-in auto-cut function.
  • Double mechanical seal structure adopting SiC, a high durability material for lubrication material , shuts off water immersion to motor.

Standard spec

Application liquid
Fluid quality: Dirty water like as sump (solid dia. should be 5mm or less)
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C
Impeller: Bronze
Shaft: SUS403
Casing: Cast iron
Type: Dry-sealed submersible motor (Built in auto cut)
Power source: Three phase
Speed: 50Hz: 3,000 min-1, 60Hz: 3,600 min-1
Max. submersing depth
Within 0.1m
Operation repetition
within 10 times/hr (operation time should be within 1 min in each operation)
Control panel
Indoor use (0~40°C/85%RH or less)
Impeller: Closed (with strainer)
Shaft sealing: Double mechanical seal (Liquid side: SiC x SiC, Motor side: Ceramic x Carbon)
Seal oil: Turbine oil
Bearing: Closed ball bearing
Flange figure
Special flange
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Scarlet (5R3/12)

Standard Accessories

Pump: SUL-505-0.75x2 (with 6m cable)

Pump strainer: 2 pcs (made of stainless)

Float switch: 1 set (strainer & 6m cable)

Control panel: ECD2-P0.75-31(with Earth leakage breaker)

Optional Accessories