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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Special purpose


From left
1st: Manual type (Floor mount)
2nd: Automatic type
3rd: Automatic alternate type


  • Dirty coolant transfer to filtration device from machine tool


  • Long life.
  • Adopting Semi-open impellers (double blades). Furthermore, outstandingly wear-resistant FCD450 (quenched) adopted making strong impellers.
  • Our original casing structure provides excellent durability.
  • Very tough against sludge due to mechanical seal-less structure.
  • Less clogging due to strainer-free structure at suction.
  • Each specification requirement (CE, RoHs, Child finger, Tropical treatment) is available.
  • Class IE3 motor is lined up as standard. Furthermore, GB2 standard for China, UL & NEMA Premium for USA, and KSC standard for South Korea are also supportable according to request.

Standard spec

Fluid quality: Coolant liquid * Clean water is not available
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C
Limitation of viscosity
75mm2/s or less
Sludge material
Aluminum, Bronze alloy, Casted bronze, and Stainless *Max. length of passable sludge: 40mm or less Aluminum, 15mm or less other metals
Sludge concentration
10wt% or less
Type: TEFC outdoor
Power source: Three phase
Efficiency: Premium efficiency (IE3)
Installation location
Indoor, vertical installation (Horizontal installation is not available)
Ambient environment
Temperature: 0~40°C
Humidity: 85%RH or less (No condensation)

Standard Accessories


Optional Accessories