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Selection chartNOTEActual performance may slightly differ from the values in table and chart. Values in table show standard characteristics.


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Capacity: Q

Total head: H


For shallow well

Discharge head(m)

Specificiation tableNOTEActual performance may slightly differ from the values in table and chart. Values in table show standard characteristics.


For shallow well, in case -8m total suction head (-6m in Alternate/Parallel operation)

Capacity for low flow stop: 4L/min

BoreOperation methodModelMotorPower sourceHQE mode operation characteristics, Operation headE mode operation characteristics, CapacityE mode operation characteristics, Starting head *1When set at S mode: operation head *2Volume of accumulatorQ (at 12m total H)Specification sound noiseCAD
20IndividualNF2-150SK150Single phase 100V201616141218121.541.5~46.5DL
25IndividualNF2-250SK250Single phase 100V222618241421132.542~49DL
25IndividualNF2-400SK400Single phase 100V25332129172414546~50DL
25IndividualNF2-400S2K400Single phase 200V25332129172414545.5~50DL
25IndividualNF2-400TK400Three phase 200V25332129172414546~50DL
32IndividualNF2-750S2K750Single phase 200V28502445202716953~56DL
32IndividualNF2-750K750Three phase 200V28502445202716953.5~56DL
32AlternateNF2-400SH-A400Single phase 100V25322328191X24446~50DL
32AlternateNF2-400S2H-A400Single phase 200V25322328191X24446~50DL
32AlternateNF2-400TH-A400Three phase 200V25322328191X24446~50DL
32AlternateNF2-750S2H-A750Single phase 200V28482645221X26853.5~56DL
32AlternateNF2-750H-A750Three phase 200V28482645221X26853.5~56DL
32Alternate & ParallelNF2-400SH-P400X2Single phase 100V25642356191X28946~53DL
32Alternate & ParallelNF2-400S2H-P400X2Single phase 200V25642356191X28946~53DL
32Alternate & ParallelNF2-400TH-P400X2Three phase 200V25642356191X28946~53DL
32Alternate & ParallelNF2-750S2H-P750X2Single phase 200V28962690221X213653.5~58DL
32Alternate & ParallelNF2-750H-P750X2Three phase 200V28962690221X213653.5~58DL
32IndividualNFK750K750Three phase 200V363432312815654~56.5
32AlternateNFK-750H-A750Three phase 200V36323430301X25554~56.5DL
32Alternate & ParallelNFK-750H-P750X2Three phase 200V36643460301X211054~59DL

*1 Starting head of individual operation model is set for shallow well (-8m total suction head), and alternate/parallel operation is set for reservoir tank (-2m total suction head).

When using, adjust starting pressure setting according to applications.

*2 Operation head (reference) at 10L/min discharge. Operation head may vary according to the capacity in S mode.

NOTE) Operation head is not constant in S mode. Power consumption may increase at small capacity operation compare with E mode. *E mode is set as default.