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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Direct connecting



  • Direct connection to water main for booster (for small residence)


  • Energy saving: Adopting high efficiency DC blush less motor brings high energy saving with optimal operation control.
  • Stainless material: Heavy duty and clean due to stainless materials for Pump, unit pipes, main valves, and pump cover.
  • Always quiet & comfortable design: Ultra low noise of 37dB or less. We archieved the operation sound comparable with whispers.
  • Minimized installation area: Dead space such as under the stairs can be used effectively because it is Installable just if has 1000 x 600 x 250 (mm) space.
  • Quakeproof and easy maintenance design: Secure 1.0G design standard just in case of earthquake with self standing outdoor type. Anti-freezing is equipped as standard with build-in ceramic heater. (piping insulation is necessary separately) Easy installati
  • Fully featured high function and safety: With noise filters and DC reactors, harmonic measures are standard equipment. We promise great reliability with pump individual Earth leakage breaker (with AL) and extensive protective function. Moreover, when the

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Constant estimated terminal pressure water supply with Valuable Frequency Drive
Operation method
Operation method: Alternate operation
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor and outdoor (ambient temperatur: -5~)40°C, Humidity: 90%RH or less, Altitude: 1000m or less
Fluid quality: Clean water
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C (No freezing)
Impeller: Bronze
Casing: Stainless cast steel (304)
Shaft: SUS304
Type: Permanent Magnet motor (TEFC indoor)
Power source: Single phase or Three phase
Speed: 3870min-1, 0.4kW: 3,240min-1, 1.1kW: 4,575min-1
Pump cover
Pump cover: SUS304 (Hairline finished)
Back pressure
Back pressure: 0.75MPa - Boosting set head MPa
Back flow prevention device
Back flow prevention device: Pressure reduction type
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Paint color (Munsell No.): Control panel: Beige (5Y7/1), Accumulator: Gray (10Y5.5/0.5)
Control panel
Major devices: Individual inverter for each pump, Earth Leakage Bleaker, DC reactor (built-in motor), Noise filter.
Normal indication: Power, Operation (individual), Dis. head, Suc. head, Voltage, Current, Rotation, Cumulative operation hours, Cumulative operation counts (1.1kW)
Abnormal indication: Fault (individual), Earth leakage (batch), Suction pressure drop
Buzzer: Fault, Suction pressure drop
External signal (voltage-free: always OPEN contactor): Operation (batch), Fault (Individual), Suction pressure drop

Standard Accessories

Pump: 2 units pump made of Stainless steel

Control panel: ECSJ type

Flow sensor

Pressure transmitter: 1 pc for Suc. and 1 pc for Dis.

Check valve: Valve body: Resin

Ball valve: Made of stainless steel: 4 pc

Accumulator: PTD3-1 type

Ceramic heater: 4 pcs.

Condensed water tray

Others: Straight pipe (for suc.)

Safety attachment against overturn

Fixing bolt for pump cover

Short pipe for level piping (1pc: stainless)

Optional Accessories

Vibration proof joint
Foundation bolt
Alarm panel