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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Package booster



  • Automatic water supply from ground and underground reservoir
  • Water supply to buildings and factories
  • Condominium, hotel, hospital, commercial building, etc.
  • Small regional drinking water
  • Other general water supply


  • A number of operation unit control type of KF2, performing from 2 units to 6 units rotary operation.
  • Easy maintenance due to the individual ball valve for each pump.
  • Reliable back up function. water supply suspension are avoided as much as possible with the backup functions that activate when there is pump failure, inverter failure as well as pressure transmitter failure and control PC Board failure.
  • Water level control system is compatible to twin reservoir and 5 electrodes, standardly integrating inflow valve control circuit and terminal for attaching heater.
  • Stainless steel precision casting The pump casing and flanges are made from precision cast stainless steel to withstand heavy load and free from strain. The connection section is mainly made of stainless steel, and resin, and the bronze components prevent
  • Adoption of low noise type TEFC motor. All models are equipped with a low-noise TEFC motor as a standard. Highly Resistant to insulation deterioration due to dust and moisture and has a long machine life.
  • High responsiveness and High pumping performance. Adopted a new control method with quick pressure response and low pressure fluctuation. With the high pimping performance of the high efficiency three-dimensional impeller, water supply is quiet, powerful
  • Compact and light weight for installation work improvement. Accomplished 45% reducing an inner volume in max. compared with previous model. Discharge direction is selectable in either right or left.
  • Heater terminal is attached. Standardly equipped with heater terminal. Easy attaching of heater.
  • Temperature detective function It has the function to stop the pump when the pump internal water temperature rises.
  • Unified dual frequency specification. It is available either in 50Hz and 60Hz. And also, either in positive and negative suction.

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Constant estimated terminal pressure by frequency control
Operation method
Operation method: 2~6 units rotary
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor (Ambient temperature: 0 to 40°C, Humidity: 90% or less, Altitude: 1,000m or less)
Application liquid
Application liquid: Clean water 0~40°C (no freezing)
Pump (material)
Pump (material): KR-C type stainless multistage pump (Impeller: resin or stainless cast steel (304) or bronze, Shaft: SUS304 (portion contacting liquid), Casing: stainless cast steel (304))
Motor: TEFC indoor
Motor: Poles: 2 (max. frequency in automatic operation: 60Hz)
Motor: Efficiency: Premium efficiency (IE3) *High efficiency in 5.5kW
Suction condition
Suction condition: Inflow (0~5m *0~3 in 5.5kW model with 40mm suction bore size, and 7.5kW models with 50mm suction bore size *inquire if back pressure exceeds 5m) or suction lift up (within -6m total suction head *actual suction head should be less than -4m, within
Flange figure
Flange figure: JIS 10K thin type (discharge side is not included)
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Paint color (Munsell No.): Control panel: beige (5Y7/1), Accumulator: gray (10Y5.5/0.5) , Others: gray (2.5PB5.1/0.8)

Standard Accessories

Control panel: ECSG3-R type

Flow sensor

Pressure transmitter

Check valve: (stainless hummer less check valve)

Accumulator: (PTD3-2AS type)

Pressure gage

Others: Companion flange, base and ball valve

Optional Accessories

Vibration proof bed
Electrode, electrode holder
Foot valve (in case suction lift up use)
Foundation bolt
Pump cover
Level relay (for low water level detection, 0.75kW or less)
AC reactor panel