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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Direct connecting



  • Direct connection to water main for booster


  • Continuous water supply even in Inspection of backflow prevention device: The backflow prevention devices are used in parallel usually. At the time of inspection of back flow prevention device, water will be supplied through the other backflow prevention
  • All stainless: Pumps, unit pipings, Major valve, and back flow preventer are made of Stainless cast steel.
  • Easy installation: Piping work is accessible from left, right & front, and arrangeable to horizontal & vertical piping. Joint is attachable inside of the package. Compare with conventional model, it has 1.5 times enlarged piping space so that it has more
  • Energy saving: Adopting the state of arts high efficiency pump design and permanent magnet motor rank as the highest efficiency class IE5. In addition to that, Eco-operation function will realize more energy saving.* IE5: the highest class in IEC60034-303
  • Low operation sound: Low noise and vibration design considered to be used in residence dense zone.
  • Easy maintenance: Adopting coupled valve in suction and discharge, pump maintenance is accessible from one valve action, and slide door is equipped on control panel. Those makes maintenance easy.
  • Quakeproof design: Secure 1.5G standard design with outdoor self standing.
  • Anti-freezing heater: Equipped with Ceramic heater with Thermostat, Environmental temperature is acceptable up to -5 ºC
  • Temperature detection: In case of temperature rising of water in the pump, it stops pump for protection.

Standard spec

Control method
Control method: Constant estimated terminal pressure water supply with Valuable Frequency Drive
Operation method
Operation method: Alternate operation
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor and outdoor (ambient temperatur: -5~)40°C, Humidity: 90%RH or less, Altitude: 1000m or less
Fluid quality: Clean water
Fluid temperature: 0~40°C (No freezing)
Impeller: Stainless cast steel (304)
Casing: Stainless cast steel (304)
Shaft: SUS304
Pump cover
Pump cover: SUS304 (Hairline finished)
Type: Permanent Magnet motor (TEFC indoor)
Poles: 4 poles (3.7kW or less), 8 poles (5.5kW or less)
Power source: Single phase (0.75kW, .1.1kW), Three phase
Efficiency: IE5 equivalent (1.1~3.7kW), IE4 equivalent (0.75, 5.5, 7.5kW)
Back pressure
Back pressure: 0.75MPa - Boosting set head (MPa)
Back flow prevention device
Back flow prevention device: Pressure reduction type, model: Dual back flow preventer (different bore size)
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Paint color (Munsell No.): Control panel: Beige (5Y7/1), Accumulator: Gray (10Y5.5/0.5)
Control panel
Major devices: Individual inverter for each pump, Earth Leakage Bleaker, Noise filter.
Normal indication: Power, Operation (individual), Operation current & frequency selective indicator (individual), Dis. & Suc. head (selective indicator in control panel), Cumulative operation hours, Cumulative operation counts
Abnormal indication: No.1 & No.2 pump individual fault indicator (pump and inverter are mixed), Earth leakage, Suction pressure drop, During inspection work, Abnormal water level of overhead tank.
External signal (voltage-free: always OPEN contactor): Pump individual operation, Pump individual fault indicator (pump and inverter are mixed), Earth leakage, Suction pressure drop, During inspection work, Abnormal water level of overhead tank.

Standard Accessories

Pump: 2 units pump made of Stainless steel

Control panel: ECSK3-A type

Flow sensor

Pressure transmitter: 1 pc for Suc. and 1 pc for Dis.

Check valve: Valve body: Resin

Ball valve: Stainless

Accumulator: PTD3-1 type

Ceramic heater: 4 pcs.

Optional Accessories

Vibration proof joint
Pipe silencer
Foundation bolt
Monitoring device