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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Cold and hot water circulation
  • Building equipment cooling water.
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • General water supply


  • Compact and light weight.
  • Easy maintenance and inspection due to back pull out construction.
  • Non asbestos gland packing is adopted for shaft sealing.
  • Simple end suction and top centerline discharge position enable steady installation with high discharge pipe loading.
  • High efficiency and wide applications for various usages.
  • Evaluated item of by (C) Public Buildings Association., Ltd in Japan.

Standard spec

Application liquid
Fluid quality: Clean water (pH 5.8~8.6)
Fluid temperature: 0 to 90°C (no freezing)
Impeller: Cast iron, Bronze, or Aluminum bronze
Shaft: SUS403
Casing: Cast iron
Type: TEFC indoor
Power source: Three phase
Speed: 50Hz: 3,000 min-1, 60Hz: 3,600 min-1
Efficiency: Premium efficiency (IE3)
Installation location
Installation location: Indoor (ambient temperature/humidity 0~40°C/90%RH or less)
Impeller: Closed
Shaft sealing: Gland packing
Bearing: Closed ball bearing
Flange figure
Flange figure: JIS 10K standard type
Paint color (Munsell No.)
Paint color (Munsell No.): Gray (2.5PB5.1/0.8)

Standard Accessories

Motor: TEFC indoor

Base: Cast iron


Coupling cover

Priming funnel

Optional Accessories

Priming funnel and Stop valve
Foundation bolts set
Sluice valve
Foot valve
Suction cover
Vibration proof bed
Vibration proof joint
Companion flange set
Pipe silencer