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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Starter for general pump and seawater pump


  • Standard built in Earth leakage breaker prevents from earth leakage accident.
  • Thermal relay prevents motor from burnout. Equipped with a function to protect pumps from water temperature rising as a result of dry run, etc. with nylon coated and resin pumps. (Sensor of optional accessory is necessary)
  • The control box is a simple outdoor type made of resin (the door is translucent), so that the driving situation with indicator light is checkable while keeping the door closed. *JIS C 0920 protection class 4 (Splash-proof type equivalent): Exclusive under
  • Automatic operation is available with pressure switch. (Pressure switch of optional accessory is necessary)

Standard spec

Operation method
Rated capacity
0.4 to 7.5kW
50Hz, 60Hz
Ambient temperature
-5 to 40°C
Percentage of humidity
45 to 85%RH
Protective devise
Thermal relay
Installation location
Outdoor/ Indoor(easy type)
Material of box (color)
Box: ABS resin (Munsell No. 7.5Y9/1)
Door: Acrylate resin (translucence)
Indication lamp
Power indication lamp (white), Run indication lamp (red), Trouble indication lamp (orange):
Start-up method
Direct start