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Kawamoto Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.




  • Automatic and manual operation is available for KUR and US type submersible pump.
  • ECA3-B type for hot water submersible pump control panel is also available.
  • Automatic and manual operation for elevated water tank


  • Control panel exclusive for submersible pumps ensures control and protection.
  • As well as control by water level, control by pressure switch is available with pressure tank. ECASN type has built in snowfall sensor standardly, automatic operation is possible by snowfall output signal.
  • A variety of special specifications are also available as well as Indoor, Outdoor, and Simple outdoor type.
  • Included 3E relay protect from over load, open phase, and reverse phase.
  • Phase advance capacitor is exclusively selected for long life of Electromagnetic contactor.

Standard spec

Type: ECAW/ECAD 3 type (outdoor) * JISC0920 protection class 3 (rain proof)
Operation method
Operation method: Single
Control method
Control method: ON-OFF according to water level of well or reservoir, or pressure tank water supply
Protective devise
Protective devise: 3E relay
Indication lamp
Power, Trouble (overload, open phase, reverse phase), Run, Ammeter&Voltmeter, Reservoir (full&low), Well (well empty):
External signal (no voltage)
External signal (no voltage): Run/Trouble/Empty/Reservoir full/Reservoir low
Special specification
01 Earth leakage circuit breaker:
02 Earth leakage circuit breaker and Advance phase capacitor: