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WUZ series
Seawater pump

Resin & Titanium
never rusts

Adopting Titanium and Resin for major wet parts contributes super resistance to corrosion.

Titanium: Motor frame, Shaft, Bolt, Washer, Nut, Key Resin: Casing, Impeller, Motor bracket.

Long time stable operation is available in seawater.

Alternate/Parallel operation,
without control panel

All models have 2 float built-in type and 3 float built in type.
If using them together, automatic alternate/parallel operation is possible, without control panel.
It means, no longer we need expensive control panel, if you don't need to control and monitor strictly.

Safe oil
that passed the
food additive standard

Food additive oil is filled in oil room between motor and pump in 0.75kW or less model.
Damage to seafood can be kept to minimum even in case of trouble.
*It is an additive for food processing prescribed residual amount, it is not edible oil.

Double mechanical seal
shut out
water immersion

Double mechanical seal whose materials are makes long life possible.

Liquid side: Silicon Carbide & Silicon Carbide
Motor side: Ceramic & Carbone

Automatic cut off
           in abnormal condition,
by itself

All products in WUZ series built in automatic cut off system with bi-metal, so that automatic protection and recovery are possible by itself, without control panel.
When abnormal temperature rising, bi-metal changes its shape, open contacts, and stop power supply to motor, the other way, when temperature is cooled to normal range, bi-metal go back to original shape close contact, and recover power supply to motor.

Super light

Lightness never achieved by cast iron pump. Just only 26kg even in 3.7kW product.
It can be carried, installed, lifted up by just only one person.