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KF-R series
Max. 6 units
rotary packaged
booster pump

40% energy saving

Operation only when use water,
Consumption as much as use.

Run and stop is controlled by dual criteria as "Pressure" and "Flow".
Pressure transmitter and flow sensor always monitor pressure and flow in water path, and have pumps run only when water is required, and stop while nobody use water.
Moreover, pumps rotate only at the necessary speed for the demand of pressure, judged from pressure transmitter and inverter.
These operation method make pumps don't work in vain, and achieve 40% lower power consumption than non inverter model.

Reliable redundancy
Standard multiple PC boards backup

Control panel standardly has multiple PC boards, to avoid water supply stop just in case PC board broken. Moreover, each pump has exclusive inverter for itself. So, it has the structure hardly causes water failure.
* In case PC board or Inverter broken, pumps which follows broken PC board and Inverter will stop. And package unit will continue to run with pumps which follow other than fault PC board or inverter. So water supply capacity may decrease.

True all in one package

Dual protection
from dry run

In addition to the general components of package booster pump, integrating controller for water source level into PC board, so that prevent from dry-run. Flow sensor and Pressure transmitter will detect dry-run and stop pump just in case of malfunction of water level sensor.
Solenoid/Motor valve controllers are also built-in, so, No need to install control panel for water source.

Self-diagnostic system
built in.

Self-diagnostic system displays the probable cause on the control panel, which makes it possible to identify the cause of failure, and early recovery. Also, it can output the trouble signal from terminal, so administrator can notice failure quickly.

Super silent operation

This is the best choice
for the building quietness
is required

Duplex casing structure and fleshy casted casting suppress running water sound tightly.
Electromagnetic noise from inverter is also controlled up to the limit.

  • 0.1 - 3.5m3/min
  • 40% 
    Lower energy
    than non INV model
  • 26 
    Kinds of
    error detection
  • 3-6 
  • 20 - 80m
  • IE3 
    efficiency motor
  • 2-4 
    Multiple PC Boards